Carpet Installation Cost

Carpet Installation Cost

Alan Fletcher – Carpet Expert & Consumer Advocate


Carpet installation costs, fees and charges vary depending on your location, how difficult the job is and the type of Carpet you select. Here’s what YOU need to know…

Highest and Lowest Carpet Installation Costs Nationwide

In different parts of the United States, the current price for Carpet Installation may be slightly higher or lower depending on the current supply and demand in your area. Right now is a great time to buy new carpet because installation costs are generally lower everywhere right now due to the lack of consumer spending on basic home improvements. 

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Carpet Buying Questions and Answers

Carpet Questions & Answers

© Alan J Fletcher – Carpet Expert and Consumer Advocate

Carpet Buying Questions & Answers by trusted consumer advocate. How to choose new Carpet wisely and avoid costly Carpet buying mistakes.

Every homeowner wants to make wise and informed choices when buying new Carpet or Flooring for their home. Here I have posted dozens of Common Carpet Buying Questions and Answers for you to read and learn from. There are hundreds of Q & A here for you to read and it’s a FREE SERVICE to all. If you have a Special Carpet Question,  please email me at 

Best Carpet for Kids Playroom

I am looking to buy a Karastan Gaviota coast textured carpet for a large playroom, hallway and two bedrooms. There will be a lot of traffic in the playroom. It is a stainmaster ultra life with Tactesse. It does not seem very dense, as I can see the matting when I separate the fibers. It does not tell the fiber density or number of twists. It’s about $5 per sq. ft. I really like the color (It is flecked), but want the retention is more important to me. We have 8 children and pets. Could you please tell me if I should look at different carpeting and if frieze would be a better selection for me?


I do not recommend the Tactesse fiber for you, you have too much foot traffic. I think you should go with a nylon frieze style instead. A frieze carpet is tried and tested to be a durable long lasting carpet. Use an 8-pound Rebond padding no thicker than 7/16″. 

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Beach House Carpet

I really need your help. I buying 80 yards of carpet for our beach house -four bedrooms and the hall and stairs. The hall and stairs get heavy wear and traffic. After much research I decided to purchase Berber nylon and was trying to decide between a Lees carpet and another nylon Berber with Scotch guard until I read your web site. Now I am wondering if Berber is the way to go or should I be looking at textured plush or this commercial grade cut pile you refer to on your web site… continued


See My List of Recommended Carpet Stores

Read full article: Free Unbiased Carpet Buying Information for Homeowners. is a major source of free information and advice for internet savvy homeowners who are looking for reasonably priced and reputable home flooring service providers.

My readers are interested in purchasing new carpet, hardwood floors, ceramic tile, Vinyl and linoleum, replacement carpet and vinyl flooring for rental properties, home carpet cleaning services, DIY Carpet tiles or other related homeowner floorcovering products and services. They come to me to learn how to save time and money and avoid becoming a victim of a carpet scam!

Learn how you can save up to $100 on your next carpet or flooring purchase and avoid getting ripped off by unscrupulous carpet retailers!

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Buying Carpet From Lowe’s, Home Depot, Empire Today or Costco?

Hi! I am a retired carpet expert and consumer advocate. If you are considering buying new carpet from a big box retailer I would like to ask you to read my free article before you sign on the dotted line. If I can, I hope to educate you a little bit about the carpet business and how you can save money, choose your new carpet wisely and ultimately be very happy with your carpet purchase – No matter who you choose to buy from!

Here is a litle taste of what you will read on my free carpet information website;

  • Big box retailers, these Giant Nationallly advertized Carpet Retailers contract out to OTHER companies to facilitate their carpet sales, including carpet measuring and carpet installation services.
  • If you ever have a carpet problem or complaint, you may have a hard time knowing who to contact for a remedy. Homeowners often discover that no one is willing accept responsibility for making things right.

I am the only free and unbiased carpet information source for homeowners on the internet and I don’t sell carpet or own a carpet store. I really enjoy helping homeowners learn how to choose new carpet wisely and how to avoid carpet scams and save money on new carpet! Check out my website for more information!

Visit my website; Read more…

Alan’s Preferred Carpet Cleaning Professionals

Hey everyone! Summer is here and it’s the perfect time to have your carpets professionally cleaned. The warmer weather will make your freshly cleaned carpets dry faster and you will enjoy having beautiful carpets all summer long!

FYI, if your carpet is still under warranty you must have it professionally cleaned at least once every 18 months or you may void the manufacturers warranty. You don’t want that to happen! Besides, a clean and well maintained carpet will last years longer and it will help reduce those nasty airborn allergens too!

Here is my new list of hand-picked Carpet Cleaning Companies for homeowners. I’ve been building this special list of preferred service providers because of all the carpet cleaning scams we all hear about. The last thing you want is to hire a fly-by-night carpet cleaner who jacks up the price or does a lousy job. Not to mention the possibility of  ruining your carpet or voiding your new carpet warranty.

And don’t forget, it’s important that you only hire a carpet cleaner that is well-trained, reputable  and certified by the IICRC. Don’t hire any carpet cleaner just because they claim to have the lowest price or have a discount coupon that sounds too good to be true!  Visit my website to learn about current Carpet Cleaning Prices.

Do you know a really great carpet cleaning company? Send me their name and contact number!

Looking for a great carpet cleaner? Visit my website and take a look at who I reccommend near you.

Thank You!

Alan Fletcher, Carpet Expert and Consumer Advocate



Alan’s Best Carpet Cleaner Directory at

Alan’s Best Carpet Cleaner Directory, a useful new resource and guide by Alan Fletcher, founder of, a popular carpet information website for consumers. 

Anyone searching for an honest & reputable carpet cleaning company will soon have free access to a special hand-picked list of locally owned & reputable Carpet Cleaning Companies, each who will have passed Fletcher’s strict requirements and guidelines for inclusion.

Fletcher says that creating a list of recommended carpet cleaning companies was an obvious decision due to the sheer number of consumer complaints filed every year with the Better Business Bureau.

“Carpet cleaning scams are so prevalent because it’s difficult for consumers to determine which companies are honest and which are not. One common scam attracts new customers with a discount coupon but use high pressure sales tactics and charge a much higher price once inside your home,” says Fletcher

“Since I’ve already helped over a million homeowners find a reputable carpet dealer and learn how to buy new carpet wisely, providing a list of my recommended carpet cleaning companies will be another great reason to visit my website,” claims Fletcher.

Fletcher has long touted the importance of proper carpet care and maintenance. “You’ve got to take proper care of your carpet if you want it to last as long as possible. Frequent vacuuming and regular professional cleanings is very important,” advises Fletcher.

“Every carpet manufacturer now requires professional cleanings on a regular basis to keep their warranty in force,” warns Fletcher. “And you’ve got to keep your receipts or any warranty claim will be denied”

According to Fletcher, his carpet cleaner directory will be of the home-grown variety, not like those computer generated lists that homeowners are forced to wade through while searching for useful information. “I like to keep it simple and I know my readers appreciate that,” said Fletcher

“My list is not like the yellow pages that show every carpet cleaner in town, I limit my recommendation to just one or two Certified Carpet Cleaning companies for an entire community,” Fletcher reports. “My goal is to make it easy for consumers to save time & money, to avoid scams and have their carpets cleaned properly!”

Fletcher says it will take about three months to complete the first phase of his new Carpet Cleaner Directory. He will officially launch Alan’s Best Carpet Cleaner Directory on June 21st, 2011. Until then Homeowners are invited to visit his website at any time during the construction process but the number of recommended carpet cleaners will be limited.

Interested parties can email or visit for free consumer carpet information and advice.


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Alan’s Best Carpet Cleaner Directory








How To Choose Carpet Like A Pro

Looking to buy new carpet? Regardless of what you might read online or hear from retail carpet salespeople, choosing the right carpet is not an easy task. The average homeowner doesn’t know very much about carpet and especially what makes one carpet better than another.

In order for a carpet salesperson to be able to help a homeowner effectively choose the right grade of carpet, a lot of very specific questions need to be asked and answered and then if the salesperson is qualified, can they accurately recommend a suitable carpet to the consumer. 

Unfortunately, darn few carpet salespeople have sufficient product knowledge to be qualified to advise homeowners. Those who I find are qualified are usually related to a well established family-owned floor covering business.

It always amazes me when I look through the help wanted ads and see “no experience necssary” for a carpet sales position. Corporately owned carpet retailers often use to attract and hire salespeople. It’s obvious that the employer is more concerned about finding candidates with high sales closing rates than product knowledge or industry experience. 

What does that mean for you the consumer? Your needs and goals are not their main concern, they just want to get the sale no matter what they have to say or do to get it. Here’s the requirements from a  recent help wanted I found for a nationally owned carpet chain:

Education and Experience Requirements for Flooring Sales:

  • High school diploma
  • 1-2 years retail sales experience and/or customer service experience
  • Requires evenings and partial weekends
  • Professional, neat, clean-cut appearance
  • Product knowledge preferred

Product knowledge is preferred, but not necessary? Is this the salesperson you want advising you? It sounds like they would be willing to hire just about anyone. The reason is, there are not very many qualified carpet and flooring salespeople out there!

You might want to bypass the need for a carpet salesperson’s advice, but  you will need to do your own carpet research. Then you can use your own knowledge  to choose the right carpet that will meet your needs and goals and still be within your budget. I can help you accomplish that.

Start by taking my free Carpet Foot Traffic Test to see what grade of carpet will work best in your home. 

When you’re done taking my foot traffic test,  continue on to my website and read my free articles to learn all about how to buy carpet wisely and avoid getting ripped off. Feel free to email me if you have any carpet questions and be sure to check out my Preferred Carpet Dealers at

Alan Fletcher

Carpet Expert and Consumer Advocate



$199, $99, $39, $37 and now FREE Carpet Installation?

I don’t like to mention names of business that I have a negative opinion of or complaint about, but Homeowners out shopping for light bulbs, potting soil or hand tools might also notice a sign or banner advertising free carpet installation. It used to be $199 and then it dropped to $99. Now it’s free. Why do you suppose that is? Big box stores want to entice you to buy carpet from them and it would seem that they are willing to give you a fantastic deal on installation to do so. But is it really a good deal for the consumer?

The problem is, there are several very good reasons why they are giving away carpet installation. One reason is because they have so many complaints posted on the internet from unsatisfied homeowners claiming poor carpet installations. I did a simple search for carpet complaints on the internet and it revealed plenty of horror stories from angry homeowners. Check it out for yourself.

Let me ask you… If you get free installation for a whole house full of carpet and the installer does a lousy job, what recourse do you have? Maybe they will try to fix it. Maybe they will say it’s a carpet defect. Maybe they will refund your money…  You didn’t pay anything for installation? What is their financial liability in the event they cannot satisfy you?  

Big box retailers used to hire their own carpet installers, but they had a real hard time finding qualified installaers. They decided contract out all carpet installations to independent flooring installation companies. This limits their liability since they now have nothing to do with the installers directly. If something goes wrong, they refer you back to the installation company.

What is free installation worth? Do you want to spend thousands on new carpet and then pay nothing for the most important aspect of the job? It doesn’t make much sense to me and I have been in the carpet business over 30 years. Any carpet you buy must be installed properly or it will wear out prematurely.

It was free, what did you expect for nothing?

Let me ask you… Would you let an independent auto mechanic repair your engine or transmission for just the cost of the parts? How far do you think you could drive before you might break down? Would you feel comfortable taking a long trip in your car if you didn’t have to pay the cost of repairs? And what happens when you do break down?  There is no free lunch, in the carpet business you get what you pay for. Don’t fall for sneaky sales tactics.

You see, if you buy carpet from a home improvement warehouse and you have a problem with your carpet, you have to contact the carpet manufacturer to seek a remedy. If you have a complaint about the carpet installation, you have to contact the installation company to have it fixed. Just because you paid your money to the big box retailer doesn’t mean they will be there to help you when you have a complaint. They may just tell you to contact the carpet maker or the installation company to seek a remedy. They will say that they did not manufacture nor install the carpet and you need to go through the appropriate channels if you have a complaint.

What a sweet deal for those big box retailers! Just collect all the money upfront and never have to worry about complaints. They even use an independent company to do all their in-home measuring, and they charge you a fee for that.

Let me also inform you that their basic carpet installation is defined in a very narrow way and if your home requires anything beyond their definition of “basic” then you will be required to pay quite a bit extra for those services. I hear the prices they charge for anything beyond the basic installation are incredibly high and could easily run into the hundreds.

Thanks for reading. Visit my website for more of my carpet opinions and advice:


Shop-at-Home Carpet Scams – What consumers need to know…

Are you going to be in the market for new carpet anytime soon? Selecting the right carpet is more difficult than ever and it’s so easy to spend way more than you need to. Carpet Scams are more common than ever and homeowners need to learn how to avoid common pitfalls and especially how to avoid the “shop at home” carpet scams. 

Aside from the private label scam where they change the carpet style name and color to prevent you from comparison shopping, there are also pad scams, installation scams, bait and switch scams, measuring scams and unnecessary upgrade scams to name just a few.

To learn the best places to buy carpet and how protect yourself from falling victim to a carpet scam… Visit my free consumer information website to learn more

Alan Fletcher – Carpet expert and Consumer advocate. Visit Alan’s Preferred Carpet Dealer Directory at Http://


Avoid Carpet Scams – How to choose new carpet wisely, save time, money & headaches!

Have you ever bought a new car? The car dealerships have some sneaky tactics for sure, but they are all fairly predictable. Most of their sneaky sales tricks are publicized by watchdog groups and any consumer can be well advised if they do their homework first. But buying new Carpet for your home is a different story…

Retail carpet scams are  much easier to fall victim to because they are harder to detect and not well publicized. For example: Carpet salespeople have the unique opportunity to be able to come into your home to measure how much carpet you require. This is where they have the chance to quickly sum you up. They can take a look around and make an instant evaluation of your lifestyle and measure your financial status by what they see displayed inside and outside your home. Are there expensive cars in the driveway? Is the home located in an upscale neighborhood?

Sly carpet salespeople can quickly sum up your financial capabilities. This is where any homeowner can find themselves in a compromising situation. Do you trust that the salesperson is giving you and honest estimate? Or are you getting an inflated estimate? Are your carpet measurements accurate or are you being charged for more materials than you actually need? How would you know for sure? These are common carpet scams and there are plenty more that unsuspecting homeowners need to know about and watch out for. 

Consumer advocate Alan Fletcher can help you buy new carpet wisely – from start to finish!  A 30-year veteran of the carpet business, Alan’s 2011 Carpet Buying Guide gives you the information and knowledge you need to know how to choose new carpet wisely, save time, money & avoid headaches – Guaranteed!

Protect yourself and your carpet investment! Download your copy of Alan’s Carpet Buying Guide (ebook) for only $14.95.  The 2011 Complete Carpet Buying Guide by Alan J. Fletcher.  Visit Alan’s website to Learn more