Courtroom Objections! How to Answer Almost Any Question, Argument or Statement!


I Object!

This is a common courtroom statement! But you can use these common courtroom responses to help you win your everyday encounters too!

What should you say, or how should you respond when you are questioned or subbject to a statement or a question asked by someone you know or love?

In most cases, simply saying “I don’t Know” might be sufficient to appease any hard questions you encounter, but sometimes a more legally-sounding reply might be a better way to respond… Maybe you can turn around the question and make the other party explain why they are asking you these questions? You decide if using these common legal responses might be a better way for you to respond!


How to Win Almost Any Argument!

©2020 Compiled By A.J. Fletcher (not to be considered or used as legal advice in any way)

Here are 7 commonly used legal objections that might help you deflect or perhaps win almost any questions or arguments you may have with your spouse, friend, relative or co-worker!

Most people you know will not know how to respond after you cite these 7 common responses to improperly asked courtroom questions or statements that YOU might find objectionable!

My advice? Read and analyze all these canned responses to see if any might apply to your unique situation. Use these canned responses at your own risk! This is not to be considered legal advice in any way, just free information for your own personal use and entertainment. At the very least you will sound like you know what you are talking about! That is certainly worth something!


  1. Your question is Ambiguous, Confusing, Misleading, Vague, and Unintelligible…
  2. Your question or statement is Argumentative…
  3. Your question Calls for Speculation…
  4. Your question calls for a Conclusion…
  5. Your statement Assumes “Facts Not In Evidence”…
  6. Your question is Incompetent, Irrelevant and Immaterial
  7. You are asking a Leading Question!


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